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Old members vs. new members

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Forgive me in advance. It is rare that I rant.

Each year I experience the same end-of-year, not-so-cool energy from people who I overhear in the gym.  Teaching Yoga and Pilates at two health clubs, I hear it over and over each year. Old members complaining about new members. The perceived entitled people making comments about the courageous people attempting to figure out this healthy way of life thing.  Just last week I heard someone say “the January people need to know its a lifestyle not a resolution”.

Now wait one second, did they never have a first day?  C’mon people….the only way to change the world is to live as an example.

Be kind.  Be helpful.  Be genuine.  Lose the judgment. Help someone rather than evaluate. Find acceptance.

Perhaps they need to start within.


Author: embracingspirit

I am a yogi, mom, advocate, optimist, dog walker, and lover of trees. While I am raising a girl with autism and two typical boys, I am on a journey of self-discovery. I share Yoga with people living with traumatic brain injuries and other disabilities.

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