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Nix the Gossip

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When life happens and the world is turned upside down it can be really tempting to pull out the finger that points and participate in a session of gossip.  Talking about someone else when they are not around not only is middle school drama, but it is completely disrespectful and downright mean.  Gossip and catty talk about someone else is a sure-fire way to bring disingenuous energy into your space.  Who needs that?

Here is why nixing gossip is a must, regardless of what wrong you felt that the person did.  It is just not the way to handle your pain or disappointments.  Here is why:

1. Gossip feeds a monster known as lack of respect and lack of authenticity.  At one point the person that you are gossiping about was someone who you had fondness for.  And just like that, you flip the tables over and spend your time evaluating and reviewing the ‘wrongs’ of the other person.  Would you say the same things to their face?  Not likely as gossip is the cowardly outlet that some people fall for when it come to being authentic.  Instead of being authentic, gossiping actually sucks the real-ness out of people and creates unneccessary drama.

2. Gossip separates. The idea of sharing details about someone with a third-party creates separation and exclusion. Gossiping builds a wall so high that it is often really hard, if not impossible, to take those barriers down.  The person in which you are gossiping with may very easily be taken back by your verbal onslaught and pull away for fear of one day getting it directed at them. Against popular belief, gossiping does not make people feel superior.  In fact it in reality it demonstrated a sense of inferior.

3. Look at why you need the attention.  A person gets to be the center of attention temporarily while divulging a piece of gossip. Yet, spreading gossip or rumors is like buying attention; it’s temporary and has little foundation.

4. Gossip is mean-spirited and useless. Gossiping shows others the gossiper’s insecurity and meanspiritedness. It also leaves everyone involved feeling as though they’ve just eaten a bad apple. Honest relations with people is far more enlightening than one-dimensional judgments and rumors.


Author: embracingspirit

I am a yogi, mom, advocate, optimist, dog walker, and lover of trees. While I am raising a girl with autism and two typical boys, I am on a journey of self-discovery. I share Yoga with people living with traumatic brain injuries and other disabilities.

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