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I have been looking at the idea of non-attachment while on my morning walks in the glory of nature.  A common misunderstanding about the concept of non-attachment is that you become unemotional and cold.  I have considered this at length the last few mornings and I have come up with some pretty opposite truths to this misinterpretation of the practice of non-attachment.

  • Expectations no longer rule your life. You are free to live in the exact moment of the now and expect nothing from others or from situations.
  • Emotions stay in check.  Sure, they arise, but you have space.  You have perspective.  You are non-reactive to things and much more centered and grounded.
  • You relate to the world as it is rather than to your ideas of how it “should” be.
  • You do not get bothered by much, but that does not mean you tolerate behavior that is hurtful.
  • You no longer chase endlessly after happiness.  Your realize you are happiness at your very core. Rather than chasing, you have learned to enjoy external happiness when it’s present, and release it when it dissolves.
  • You have a clear mind so you’re able to see the truth of all things. There is no longer distorted mistruths about reality.
  • Controlling life situations is no longer your thing. You’re able to allow life to unfold without needing to control everything.
  • You don’t stop loving, in fact you love everything enormously more.
  • Your heart only grows bigger and bigger and bigger for those who suffer unnecessarily.
  • You give of yourself freely and you’re not attached to the outcome of reciprocation.
  • The sense of spaciousness and freedom you feel bring a genuine contentment that can never be found in temporary experiences.

Author: embracingspirit

I am a yogi, mom, advocate, optimist, dog walker, and lover of trees. While I am raising a girl with autism and two typical boys, I am on a journey of self-discovery. I share Yoga with people living with traumatic brain injuries and other disabilities.

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