Holistic ways

As a holistic gal I turn to a bunch of tools when my body is in struggle. One of my favorite things is to grab my gemstones, pull some tarot cards, read something motivational and sit with it. I love how things fall exactly as they should.

This morning I reached for labradorite and amethyst as they are two powerful gemstones used for addictions. Labradorite helps to detoxify you energetically and balances the mind and the spirit. Amethyst is a great stone for assisting during withdrawals and assists with promoting a calm state of being. The clear quartz crystal is added in to cleanse and also amplify the other gemstones. I loved that I pulled the third chakra card because the affirmation that goes with this power house is I CAN. The other card I pulled came from Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakening and it is spot on—“love whatever gets in the way until it ceases to be an obstacle”.

So today, I am going to love this opportunity and know that something amazing WILL come of it, because I believe the greatest question that we can ask ourselves is—What will I do with this?


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