The Failure

I want to know if you can live with failure, 

yours and mine, 

and still stand on the edge of the lake

and shout to the silver of the moon, 


The author of the Invitation says that real mistakes are genuine errors in judgment, and choices that can seen, with the knowledge of hindsight, not to have been the best.  We have all made them.  Not the kind of mistakes where we were misinformed or lacking of enough information.  The real ones where we screw up, despite our better knowing.

The real work of failures is to not deny them, or insist that there are no mistakes.  You may have heard people say that everything happens for a reason, or that good things come from the struggles. I wholeheartedly agree with this…up to a point. I do believe that the Divine works in mysterious ways with a purpose, but I also believe that we are fully responsible for our choices and what we do with what life offers.

We cannot live fully and at the same time avoid mistakes. Sometimes it may seem so much easier to overlook the failures and instead to hide them in some form. Refusing to acknowledge our failures is often an attempt to avoid shame.  That awful feeling we might get when we realize that at our core, we have failed and screwed up.  Ownership means that we do not blame others for our faults and screw ups. It means that we do not justify them as a result of my upbringing or story.  Instead to truly to own them.

The big question related to failure that I ask myself is can I live with my failures and still say “YES” to life, still feel worthy of love all that surrounds me.  The answer for me comes from the space of forgiveness. To allow love to move through me.

I know that many times I failed when my kids were little.  There we things that I did out of being clueless and then there were things that I did that were just mistakes. I am not going to justify them by saying I was a young mom with three little kids, or that I was overwhelmed, or that my marriage was empty, or that we were poor, or that I was burdened.  Instead I am going to love myself enough to say that I screwed up. At times I made choices that failed them, and failed me. But we all overcame them and despite the failures my kids turned out to be amazing people.  And I turned out amazing, too.  I came out of the failures so willing to say yes to life and to keep forging a path that brings me joy and contentment.

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Super Moon

Today is the Full Super moon…

The full moon is traditionally known as the time of letting go…of releasing what is no longer serving your highest good.

This particular moon is all about responsibility as it relates to freedom.

It’s a good time to ask yourself where do you feel constricted? Where do you feel bound? Where do you feel obligated? Where do you long for freedom?

With freedom comes joy. And joy is the ultimate goal, right?!

Sit quietly today… ask where you need to release responsibility that you’ve been carrying that really isn’t yours to carry. This could mean stepping out of drama between friends or co-workers. This could mean letting go of volunteer positions or projects you said yes to out of obligation.

Another question to ask is where is an area can I take better responsibility in order to receive the freedom I desire?

This could mean de-cluttering your home or making freezer meals to free up mental and emotional space to play and be spontaneous with your family. Or this could mean really getting focused on the income producing activities in your business so that you can enjoy the travel you crave.

2019 could be your most joyful, freedom filled year ever… if you choose it.

Remember… “Whatever is on your plate got there because you said yes to it.” Danielle LaPorte (Desire Map)

The Beauty

I want to know if you can see beauty

even when it is not pretty everyday, 

and if you can source from your own life from its presence.

Despite whatever is aching in your heart, can you still see beauty? No matter the despair, can you see beauty?  The physical pain.  The loss. The fears and worries of being human.

Can you still see beauty?

I learned many years ago from some of the wisest people that beauty is available in every moment, no matter what is happening in your life.  You see, my teachers come to me in a long-term care center for individuals who have sustained a severe brain injury.

Life for them is definitely not what you and I might  (initially) see as a beauty.  Their life has taken a huge detour and what was once their dreams of a family, a career, freedom to come and go, to travel, to do….is all gone. They now live within the confines of an old, dingy, strange smelling building relying on others for the most basic needs.  Many in a wheelchair and most unable to move parts of the body. And yet, they see beauty.  Every. single. day.

How do they do this?

Simple.  They choose gratitude.  They choose to see the beauty of the everyday things that we may take for granted; our bodies with all of the signs of aging and flaws, our minds to think and plan and speak, our spirits which fill the space with light.  They see the trees in the subtle changes as seasons change.  They notice the briskness of the winter air.  They take in the taste of the foods they are given.  They see the beauty in another human as they share the struggles and loss of daily living.

They do not see the lack and the limitations.  They do not look at their bodies with disdain and judgment. They do not see their living space negatively.  They do not long for material items.

The simply see beauty.  Even when it is not pretty everyday.

Can you see beauty even when it is not pretty everyday?

I know I am going to strive for that and I am going to receive the wisdom that they have offered me.  Beauty.  Everywhere we just need to look.

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Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday Wellness!

Do you have a wellness goal? A lifestyle goal? Well, if you do this is a GREAT article to keep you motivated and headed in the direction your dreams will take you. You have to know your WHY, whether it is related to your wellness goals, lifestyle goals or financial goals.

Sitting down and really thinking about your WHY is so important! It is also so insightful to what motivates you.

For example, my wellness why is so that I can be of service to others and continue to change lives–so I take care of my mind, body and spirit daily to ensure I am at my best. This includes eating well, good sleep, plenty of water, exercise and of course essential oils.

My lifestyle why is so that I am an example to others, including my family. I want my boys to see that I gave life my all and that they have the power to do the same. I want them to be inspired and make choices that support their lives, too.

My financial why is to create safety and a stable life for myself and my girl. My goals are also to make sure that when I am gone my boys have the financial resources they need (and more) to help take care of their sister.

Big time why’s, eh? What are yours??


Read more here!

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The Betrayal

It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true. 

I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself;

if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul;

if you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy. 

As I continue to read, study and share the beautiful poem The Invitation I dive into a deeper understanding of myself.  This exploration is a way that I continue to peel away the layers and in hope, help others to do the same.

This portion of the poem has always been a bit tricky for me.  The concept of betrayal is ambiguous and yet so powerful when it is looked at squarely in the eye.  I suppose in truth, we have all betrayed someone at some point in our human-ness.  We have also betrayed ourselves.

At this early stage of the new year, many of us our filled with intentions, resolution, goals and plans for a successful year.  Unfortunately, studies prove that most people with lose their focus and within a short time be finished and fall back into their old habits.  Is this a form of betrayal?

What about the ways we so often begin to speak to ourselves in the dark and uncertain moments? The self-talk that diminishes our very light.  Is that betrayal?

So much betrayal; self-sabotaging behaviors, unwillingness to takes risks, staying in relationships way too long, the fulfilling j.o.b., even that late night too much ice cream thing we do.  Isn’t that all betrayal?

I think what this is here to teach us is that betrayal comes in many faces and it is truly up to us to go after what we want.  It is up to us to speak our truth, regardless if it disappoints another.  It is our divine responsibility to listen to the calling of our soul.

Sometimes this feels like our insides are about to be ripped out.  It is often in this intensity we are faced with disappointing another to be true to ourselves.

The work of the soul can be so painful, and yet it is in this knowing that we cannot betray our own light.  We begin to see that in speaking our truth, we ultimately betray no one.

On the mat this week, we will look at betrayal and our choices to have limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and how must learn to speak our truth–first with ourselves, and then with others.

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Yoga for the Win

To many this might be just an image of a yoga mat. To me, it is something so deeply personal to me—it is a a symbol of a returning to a part of my personal practice that has been on hold for a couple of years! Yep, today was the first time I unrolled a yoga mat and did a complete practice for MYSELF guided beautifully by a dear friend.

To be led through a practice was like receiving the most precious drink of water for my thirsty soul. It was perfect and my hip felt so good. Three hard surgeries are officially behind me and I’m ready to come back home to my mat on a regular basis.

Yoga for the win!

About Me

Hey there! With the start of the new year I thought I’d say hello to some of my new people and introduce myself a bit. It’s incredible how I have come to know so many of you and I am so grateful for the tribe that has been created.

Some fun things about me:

1️⃣ I have a love affair with smashed-nosed dogs (pugs, Boston’s, bulldogs, boxers). I can’t help myself.

2️⃣ I hurts my heart to see others not valued for who they are, especially those with disabilities.

3️⃣ My favorite color is any shade of orange, I’ve even had an orange car! (I had a VW beetle with three little kids—what was I thinking?)

4️⃣ I collect crystals and if you came to my house, you’d find them everywhere (even in most of the window sills).

5️⃣ I can’t stand unloading the dishwasher but I love cleaning the kitchen floor 😳.

6️⃣ I have never in my adult life taken an overnight getaway alone (that is on my list of fun things this year).

7️⃣ I technically have four paid jobs that I juggle each day (I teach yoga and adaptive yoga, I teach wellness and essential oil education, I am a CNA for my daughter with special needs, I take care of my mom’s billing business) and I am always a mom to my girl. And, this year I will become a grandmother!

8️⃣ Being outside is imperative to my health. I walk outside 99.9% of the days. I can’t do frigid wind chill, but I am up for bundling up any time to walk. It’s where I connect.

9️⃣ About 14 years ago I decided that I was so done being overweight so I changed my habits, starting walking and eating better, healed my inner world and lost all the weight. At one point I weighed 100 pounds more than I do now.

🔟 I believe with all my heart that we are here to be of service to others. Whatever your passion is, I say use it to better the world.

Welcome to a new year, new opportunities, new friends and maybe even a new outlook!

It is my intention to write more in my blog this year and maybe even finish editing the book I wrote. You can follow my blogs to learn more about me and my yoga website is full of goodness, too.

Welcome to 2019! I feel like it’s gonna be a great year!