Vibrant Self

See this face? This is my 47 year old face who is so incredibly grateful to coming back into my Self.

I have lived fifteen years (or more) with an autoimmune disease. I also had multiple joint surgeries in my thirties and recently had three major hip tissue reconstruction surgeries. I am FINALLY my vibrant self again. I am back to doing things I love, like hiking. (You can follow me on Instagram to see my adventures)

The toll of chronic pain has been grueling for my mind, body and spirit. Over the years I lost people, relationships and even myself for awhile dealing with the pain and it’s effects on my life. I also had some steady friends and loved ones who never wavered at loving and showing up for me. In addition to more patience and acts of surrender than I could have ever imagined needing, I turned to my beloved essential oils to help me. For many years I just used oils because they smelled good. As I started doing my own research and playing with combos, I found the perfect blend for my body. The result—this vibrant gal is BACK and loving her pain free life.

Curious what my powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant combo is?


💧pink pepper



💧DDR prime

I choose to only use doTERRA essential oils. Using less pure or store bought may not have the same benefits and are not recommended for internal use.

These oils are available in a special kit that is a huge bundled savings. You also get some amazing other products in the kit too! And a free car diffuser and three citrus oils.

If you’re ready to bring back your vibrant self too, message me and I will hook you up with the same oils that are helping me and access to my great community.


Chair Yoga

Are you curious about chair yoga but can’t find a local yoga teacher that can offer it? Do you have a brain injury or something else that prevents you from easily accessing a yoga studio?

One of my greatest treasures that I am continually so grateful for are the people who are so courageous and brave and willing to say yes.

Sharing yoga and wellness through technology and being able to reach people is remarkable. From living room to living room across the globe, magic is happening.

I have some openings for sessions if you’re interested in trying yoga!


Pink Pepper

Known for its ability to strengthen the immune system and maintain healthy cellular function, doTERRA’s Pink Pepper can be taken internally to avoid seasonal threats.

I have been using this one twice a day for over two weeks and I am amazed and SO happy to say that my aches and discomfort have been greatly reduced! YAY!!!!

Additional benefits include; support of a healthy immune, digestive, and respiratory systems. Pink Pepper can also be relaxing to the nervous system.

Add the new doTERRA Pink Pepper to your oil collection and purchase it here!

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 12.12.12 PM.png

Wellness Wednesday!

This time of year is my favorite! I love the smells, the crisp air and the slowing down of nature.

For many years one of my dearest friends and I would ride our bikes every Saturday morning and we marveled at how the weeks leading into fall the trail would change so rapidly. One of our favorite things was to crunch our bikes through the leaves. Pure joy.

At this time of year I really try to connect with my surroundings each day. I am a person that walks twice each day and when I do, I am committed to not be on my phone and instead fully IN the moment.

Check out this awesome article…take the time to really read it and give it a try as the season of falling leaves is happening. BREATHE….ENJOY….and always BE GRATEFUL.

Internal Use of Essential Oils

I take essential oils internally for so many health benefits but there are a couple things you should know.

🌱 if your bottle does not say “supplement facts” it is NOT safe for internal use (store bought brands will NOT have this, so consider what you may be putting into your body)

🌱 essential oils are incredibly potent so using less is the rule of thumb. It is recommended that adults don’t take more than 25 drops internally per day. (That is a LOT….I tend to take approx 12-15 per day)

🌱 the ways to take oils internally vary; under the tongue, roof of the mouth, in a capsule, in water…I prefer using a veggie capsule

🌱common sense and safety is paramount when using essential oils in all ways (topically, internally and aromatically)…I started out using oils way too heavy handed and I learned that you can have the same benefits using appropriate amounts versus doubling or even tripling the amount. Less is more.

If you’d like to get started using safe and pure essential oils, just pop on over to and choose a starter kit. There are some great promos this month where you can grab a free car diffuser and three citrus oils! When you get started, you’ll get access to online education, personal mentoring, community support and an awesome welcome gift.

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

I spent WAY to many years giving and giving without much thought about myself, and especially about self-care and self-love.

The result—I was angry, toxic, fearful and incredibly overweight. I had no mind-body connection. I was clueless as to what my habits were creating in my mind, body and spirit.

I began with small changes—daily walks, bubble baths, buying myself a small treasure here and there, and surrounding myself with positive people.

Now, I practice self-care DAILY and the result is I am more peaceful, healthier, I sleep better and my stress is way down.

Start with one thing and commit to it. Then add another. Habits form in just 21 days. You can do it!

DDR Prime

Many of you know I have an adult daughter who has a developmental disability as well as a life long anxiety disorder. The features of her DD look like minimal social engagement, trouble processing language and difficulty expressing herself—including feelings of happiness.

I started her on DDR prime a month ago and have watched the profound difference in her affect and willingness.

I asked her today if she felt anything different since starting DDR.

Her answer—“I feel a lot chipper”. 💥 Here’s to a chattier and happier girl!

I take DDR for my on going aches and discomfort as well as my cellular health.

DDR Prime includes Frankincense, Wild Orange, Litsea, Thyme, Clove, Summer Savory, Niaouli, and Lemongrass essential oils, shown in studies to promote a healthy response to free-radicals while supporting healthy cellular function.

Ready to start feeling better??