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Reflections 0f 2017

I was once told that the teacher will teach what he/she needs to learn.  I am spending quiet contemplative time planning for an event that will take place at the end of this year to release and let go, and then welcome a newness for 2018.

I plan to include a sage ceremony, a burning of past ritual and time to create space for new intentions. I find that asking myself the following questions as I review my year to be helpful in holding space for others to do the same.

* How did your love for self, life and others, show up this year in the different areas of your life?

* How did universal love and love from others show up for you this year in all that came your way?

* What did you learn/accept/heal/transform about yourself this year?

* What blessings did this year bring?

* What dreams came true?

* What personal strengths did you discover, apply, or develop?

* What new skills, insights, or wisdom did you gain?

* What served as a catalyst for healing or transformation that you can now be grateful for, even if challenging at the time?

* What can you forgive yourself for?

* What and who else can you forgive?

* What can you let go of (limiting belief, attachment, attitude, grievance…)?

* What achievements and accomplishments can you acknowledge and celebrate?

* What opportunities and synchronicities came your way?

* What ‘lessons’ did you learn?

* What and who are you grateful for that happened this year gone, and why?

* What or who can you let go of? (This may include a pattern, grievance, person, belief, attitude, emotion, attribute, behaviour, story, situation, judgment (against self or other), habit, and so on)

* Where did you courageously step outside of your comfort zone?

* What did you absolutely LOVE that happened this year?


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We are moving towards the end of another year. The questions that I have asked myself at this time of year offer a chance to reflect.

Have I shown up? Did I take a chance? Do I have regrets?

It’s a great time of year to begin the contemplative practice of reviewing your choices this year and to find those moments where you took a chance, or perhaps where you didn’t. Closing up and clearing out the year is a wonderful way to make space for the next chapter.

What about you? Did you show up? Did you take a chance?

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Monday Mindfulness

Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving week. Before life gets crazy, pause. Feel the abundance in your life. Breathe that in. Life is FULL…..embrace it.

In this breath, I have an abundance of sensations—aroma of essential oils diffusing, sights of the mountain waking up, the sound of my cats bell, the cool morning air against my skin and fantastically strong coffee.

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Sugar Scrub

DIY Day 10! Our last day of DIY ends with a super fun gift idea!

SUGAR SCRUB (candy cane)


¾ cup white sugar

½ cup Fractionated Coconut Oil

12 drops Peppermint oil*

Skin safe food coloring

Tip: In place of white sugar, you could use sea salt. In place of Fractionated Coconut Oil you could use almond oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil.


Combine sugar and Fractionated Coconut Oil in bowl.

Divide mixture equally into two bowls.

In one bowl, add red skin safe food coloring.

Layer red and white scrub to create a ‘candy cane’ effect.

*any essential oil can be used for this recipe