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Portrait of Connection

I recently was asked to participate in a portrait project that looked to capture 365 personalities over the course of one year.  My criteria in order for me to participate: I wanted to in nature and I wanted to capture my presence of Oneness.  It was important to me to attempt to capture my connection to the greatness of the Universe and the totality of life.  Take a peek and see if the camera picked up on that.

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Practicing daily gratitude has been part of my life for 9 years. This gift has shifted my state of being from a victim to seeker.  Find gratitude daily and your life will change dramatically–fasten your seat belt because it’s the ride of your life.  

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Make a Wish

Have you ever made a wholehearted wish? The kind children make with all the belief in the world that it will come true? 

I wish for the kind of heart bursting happiness that almost makes you stop and ask if it could be real. I wish for hours of belly laughter and for moments when tears come out of pure bliss. I wish for contentment so real that fears never invade my thoughts. I wish for the reciprocal dance of love that only a few ever truly know. I wish happiness for my children and that they discover their purpose. I wish for a life well lived and a death that embodies compassion for self and others. 

What is your wish? 


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Imagine Goodness

I awake every new day in joy.  I rest in the knowing of eternal goodness and evermore there is a song in my heart as it overflows with the acknowledgment of good.~Ernest Holmes

Pause. Stop rushing to get to the next task. Stop hurrying through the things you enjoy with the intent to take in more.  Just stop.  Hit the pause button.  Breathe.  Feel the aliveness and goodness of this moment.

In a culture of constant hurry, it is imperative for the well-being of our soul to stop and take notice.  Take in this moment and see the good.

Imagine for a minute how your life might be different if you stopped hurrying and instead you moved through each task with grace and mindfulness?  Imagine if you stopped hurrying and smiled more.  Imagine if you held your lovers hand a minute longer.  Imagine if the hug from your child lingered.

Stop rushing.  See the goodness.


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For the beginning meditator, a great way to introduce the practice is to use mantra—a repeated word or phrase.  This form of meditation can allow the person to learn to focus on just one thing–the mantra–and quiet the noise of other thoughts. 

Sometimes referred to as Japa meditation, it is a beautiful thing to hold in your hands a beaded mala  and repeat the mantra as your finger slides over each bead. 108 times you will be repeating a word or phrase so be sure the mantra is positive, clear and concise. 

Some examples of mantra are:

  • I am
  • Om
  • I am love
  • I am health
  • Happiness surrounds me
  • I am worthy
  • Abundance is mine
  • Peace for all  

By starting out your day with mantra, you call into your life an awareness of what already exists in you. Try it and be amazed and the positive outcome you will have (and your furry meditating companion may also benefit). 


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I have been looking at the idea of non-attachment while on my morning walks in the glory of nature.  A common misunderstanding about the concept of non-attachment is that you become unemotional and cold.  I have considered this at length the last few mornings and I have come up with some pretty opposite truths to this misinterpretation of the practice of non-attachment.

  • Expectations no longer rule your life. You are free to live in the exact moment of the now and expect nothing from others or from situations.
  • Emotions stay in check.  Sure, they arise, but you have space.  You have perspective.  You are non-reactive to things and much more centered and grounded.
  • You relate to the world as it is rather than to your ideas of how it “should” be.
  • You do not get bothered by much, but that does not mean you tolerate behavior that is hurtful.
  • You no longer chase endlessly after happiness.  Your realize you are happiness at your very core. Rather than chasing, you have learned to enjoy external happiness when it’s present, and release it when it dissolves.
  • You have a clear mind so you’re able to see the truth of all things. There is no longer distorted mistruths about reality.
  • Controlling life situations is no longer your thing. You’re able to allow life to unfold without needing to control everything.
  • You don’t stop loving, in fact you love everything enormously more.
  • Your heart only grows bigger and bigger and bigger for those who suffer unnecessarily.
  • You give of yourself freely and you’re not attached to the outcome of reciprocation.
  • The sense of spaciousness and freedom you feel bring a genuine contentment that can never be found in temporary experiences.

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Nix the Gossip

When life happens and the world is turned upside down it can be really tempting to pull out the finger that points and participate in a session of gossip.  Talking about someone else when they are not around not only is middle school drama, but it is completely disrespectful and downright mean.  Gossip and catty talk about someone else is a sure-fire way to bring disingenuous energy into your space.  Who needs that?

Here is why nixing gossip is a must, regardless of what wrong you felt that the person did.  It is just not the way to handle your pain or disappointments.  Here is why:

1. Gossip feeds a monster known as lack of respect and lack of authenticity.  At one point the person that you are gossiping about was someone who you had fondness for.  And just like that, you flip the tables over and spend your time evaluating and reviewing the ‘wrongs’ of the other person.  Would you say the same things to their face?  Not likely as gossip is the cowardly outlet that some people fall for when it come to being authentic.  Instead of being authentic, gossiping actually sucks the real-ness out of people and creates unneccessary drama.

2. Gossip separates. The idea of sharing details about someone with a third-party creates separation and exclusion. Gossiping builds a wall so high that it is often really hard, if not impossible, to take those barriers down.  The person in which you are gossiping with may very easily be taken back by your verbal onslaught and pull away for fear of one day getting it directed at them. Against popular belief, gossiping does not make people feel superior.  In fact it in reality it demonstrated a sense of inferior.

3. Look at why you need the attention.  A person gets to be the center of attention temporarily while divulging a piece of gossip. Yet, spreading gossip or rumors is like buying attention; it’s temporary and has little foundation.

4. Gossip is mean-spirited and useless. Gossiping shows others the gossiper’s insecurity and meanspiritedness. It also leaves everyone involved feeling as though they’ve just eaten a bad apple. Honest relations with people is far more enlightening than one-dimensional judgments and rumors.