A New Earth Revisted

This book. Weathered, tabbed, highlighted and so worn. I’m returning to it (again).

Spring time 2004 was when I began to shed old patterns and beliefs and emerge into a life of awakening and presence. This book came along a few years later and was paramount in my path. It is always a treasure to re-read and ponder the handwritten notes to see where I’ve been and what resonates in my current life.

I remember exactly where I was on the trail and the sound my feet made as they crunched along the path. With each step, I was walking away from old beliefs and going towards such a vast, open and welcoming new life. I felt free and light as I was no longer weighed down and heavy, both physically and emotionally.

In time, the inner light that was always there began to shine beyond the sadness and the ponderous load I had felt I had to carry for decades.

With light came freedom and a life of deep purpose. Aligned with my soul and now open to allow all that IS into my daily life. In return, I circulate that goodness.

What an incredible wake up.


Investing in Yourself 

How many times have you thought that something for your health is “too expensive”…..consider looking at areas of your budget that you might be able to replace health with. The fast food for a homemade pot of soup (I guarantee cheaper, packed with flavor and at least two meals), the $5.00 coffee for making your own (using amazing and health benefiting essential oils), the weekend shopping trips for an afternoon of DIY natural skin care products? 

Trust me when I say I not only used to weigh 100 pounds more, but I was a toxic mess who also was in financial debt, tired all the time, ate crappy food, used toxic cleaners, didn’t honor my body AT ALL… I overcame it all with mindfulness—choices on where I was investing and I began investing in myself, rather than what I thought was important. 
You can too! I would love to walk the path of health with you! 

A simple reminder of peace. A knowing that there must be an acknowledgment of the mud in order to witness the blossom. 

For myself I am realizing again that life is a balance of  evolving and being still with what is. 

When pain strikes, pausing to feel that I am alive. When joy comes, taking it all in as beautiful light. When worry takes over, coming back to the present breath. 

Ponder the idea of blossoming from the mud in your life, and taking part in being present when life show up. 


About 15 years ago, I began to listen to my intuition and to what my soul was calling me to do. I knew I was here to do great things, as we all are. 

It is my belief that we are all here to serve and make a difference in some capacity. Sometimes we get caught up in the thinking that it has to be something grand or famous, but the truth is even the simplest of lives can be the most impactful.  It isn’t about being seen, but rather meek in your actions to create a world that is more peaceful and more full of compassion and unity. 

When I began to get the nudges to look deep inside, I did so without an intention of a return. So often our culture teaches that you give to get. I was certain I was not going to fall into that. Instead, I listen to my gut and lived in a way that served my highest food with zero attachments to an outcome. 

Eventually, I was able to leave my day job (and a dysfunctional relationship) and now I do what I am called to do, and that is share yoga and wellness with people who are living with a disability. I specialize in brain injuries and seniors but I enjoy all types of people and my client base includes a spectrum of abilities and interests. 

My services include adaptive yoga, wellness coaching, essential oil education and level 1 healing touch.  Each day I head off to work I realize that this isn’t work, it is soul. 

Have you found your calling? If  you are still seeking, stop thinking so much and instead try a few of these ideas: 

  • Ask yourself this–“I am best when I am ________”. Be truthful. 
  • Journal about the things that bring you joy. They may be subtle like children laughing, making sure neighbors are taken care of, cooking, nature, laughter, etc. 
  • What are you passionate about and where do you speak up? Sometimes those “triggers” lead you toward something. 
  • Start to identify your everyday actions and interests that could lead you to a life of meaning. Cooking, sharing success with others, natural living, yoga, teaching others a skill, and more. 
  • Practice gratitude.  Just you being you is a worthy adventure. Celebrate who you are by identifying things about yourself you are grateful for. 
  • Stop comparing yourself. Your life journey is yours and yours alone. Remember that when we fall face down, that is often when we come up even stronger. Wipe off your dust and keep at it. 

Old members vs. new members

Forgive me in advance. It is rare that I rant.

Each year I experience the same end-of-year, not-so-cool energy from people who I overhear in the gym.  Teaching Yoga and Pilates at two health clubs, I hear it over and over each year. Old members complaining about new members. The perceived entitled people making comments about the courageous people attempting to figure out this healthy way of life thing.  Just last week I heard someone say “the January people need to know its a lifestyle not a resolution”.

Now wait one second, did they never have a first day?  C’mon people….the only way to change the world is to live as an example.

Be kind.  Be helpful.  Be genuine.  Lose the judgment. Help someone rather than evaluate. Find acceptance.

Perhaps they need to start within.

Embracing Change

We are constantly evolving and changing.  Our taste in music, clothes and food change seasonally or over time.  Our bodies change as we age or as we gain strengths in skills.  We yearn for new things, which can be considered a desire for change and yet we resist the less obvious transitions.  We want to hold onto relationships that may not serve us,  we push back against situations that encourage us to adapt, and we even scoff at seasonal changes.

Consider instead of resisting, embracing the changes that occur around you.  Look around and see what changes surround you currently; trees, plants, butterflies, your aging hands, your desire for fall flavors.  All of these are indicators that changes are happening, and all is well.

Embrace the changes around you, and within you. Here is a few ways to get started:

1. Notice.  Pause and look around at what you see.  See the growth, the colors, the movement, the changes.

2. Recall your first.  Your first Yoga class, your first solo vacation, your first successful interview, your first date.  Oh my, how you have changed.

3. Practice change. Rearrange some furniture or try a new recipe.  Get out of your comfort zone and purposefully change something within your familiar environment.

4. Embrace change. Take a step back and really notice how you feel. Begin to see how easy it really can be to embrace change.  images