Fireworks, Dogs and Essential Oils

This amazing boy doesn’t do well during the firework season at all. He was a homeless dog on the run for the first two years of his life and gets easily scared. He also has a horrible stomach disease that requires so much care and consideration—and meds! This sweet guy is even on Prozac!

I’ve already started to up his use of lavender and frankincense in preparation for the noisy pops and bangs around the 4th of July. My boy LOVES to have his ears rubbed with those oils. Afterwards, he flops in the cool grass and just chills.

Do your dogs get scared during firework season? If you’d like to get oils, shoot me a message and I can help you!



I’m not sure about you all but my weekend was packed full of joy. Sushi, hikes, nap time, rib eyes, more nap time, reading, lotsa love and time grooming the pooch. She loves the spa time and I must say it’s a nice change from my typical weekend chores. 

Self care is soooo important and making the time to nurture your mind, body and spirit is what it’s all about.  Even Zuni the dog is for it! 

Getting Grounded

Being outside is one of the greatest and fastest ways for me to get grounded.  Stepping outside and feeling life around me immediately brings me into the present moment.

I recently had major hip surgery and I noticed that as the days got closer, I opted for more and more time in nature.  My soul knows what she needs to stay calm and connected.

A jaunt through heaven on Earth–the Garden of the Gods–which is nearly in my backyard the day before surgery was just what I needed to move into the weeks ahead of no hiking and finding news ways to get grounded (which I have learned is simply sitting in my garden and observing with all my senses).

Deliciously beautiful isn’t it? And the mutts are kinda cute, too.