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Diluting Essential Oils


I used to think… “no dilution for me… I want my oils full strength”. Boy was I wrong!

Did you know that when diluted even a little, your amazing oils are even MORE effective?!

It’s true!

Less evaporation … (aka flash off)

Deeper skin absorption !

Not to mention you lessen any risk of sensitivity.

And your oils last longer, saving you $$!

Check out these photos–one where this is no dilution and oil compounds stay on top of the skin (and some evaporating) … and it’s opposite showing dilution and deeper dermal penetration and absorption.


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Say No to Synthetic

Friends don’t let Friends Use SYNTHETIC Fragrances!

I used to LOVE my scented candles, my bath products, and my room sprays…. even my “cheap” essential oils!

But I was soooo sick! I literally had no idea that my fatigue, immune challenges and overall well-being may have been triggered by the toxins in my home.

With cheap, “Essential Oils” flooding the retail market and so many companies are jumping on the essential oil bandwagon these days…I have to plead with my friends and family to please, please refrain from using these knock off essential oils. They are nothing more than chemical concoctions that will do far more harm than good for your family.

Did you know?? Fragrance Oils are Synthetic…and they have absolutely NO health benefits.

They are created in a lab to Smell good but may have drastic negative effects on respiratory system, alter mood, and cause painful headaches.

Instead, choose:

doTERRA Essential Oils that are pure plant extracts from nature that are free of all fillers and contaminants, smell soooo good and have extraordinary health benefits to our bodies.

If you don’t believe me… here’s a great article by Dr. Axe!


I’m offering amazing Valentines Day Enrollment Specials so private message me if you are ready to start using the Best Essential Oils in the World!

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DIY laundry soap 

Following a lifestyle overhaul of my mind and body the last ten years, I went on a mission this last year to reduce my toxic load in my home. Besides using essential oils to clean the surfaces of my home–like countertops, tubs and tile–I started making my own dish soap and laundry soap. It’s so easy and so incredibly economical. 
Diy laundry soap: 

In large container combine: 

1 cup of On Guard Cleaning Concentrate*

1 cup baking soda
1/3 cup coarse salt

20 drops of Essential oils ( I love lemon*) 

7 quarts of hot water
Mix until combined
Use 1/4 cup per load

*purchase concentrate and essential oils here

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Investing in Yourself 

How many times have you thought that something for your health is “too expensive”…..consider looking at areas of your budget that you might be able to replace health with. The fast food for a homemade pot of soup (I guarantee cheaper, packed with flavor and at least two meals), the $5.00 coffee for making your own (using amazing and health benefiting essential oils), the weekend shopping trips for an afternoon of DIY natural skin care products? 

Trust me when I say I not only used to weigh 100 pounds more, but I was a toxic mess who also was in financial debt, tired all the time, ate crappy food, used toxic cleaners, didn’t honor my body AT ALL… I overcame it all with mindfulness—choices on where I was investing and I began investing in myself, rather than what I thought was important. 
You can too! I would love to walk the path of health with you! 

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DIY beard oil

Have a man in your life with a hairy face? 

I sure do! I’m making a few of these up for my son. I buy my bottles on amazon, but as always recycling old cologne bottles or other small glass containers is good too. 
The blend below is both woodsy and spicy. For a more earthy aroma use vetiver, patchouli and spikenard. Or mix and match, you can’t go wrong. 
1oz glass bottle 

💧5 drops melaleuca 

💧3 drops white fir or Siberian fir

💧3 drops black pepper (or other spicy oil)

💧2 drops peppermint 

💧2 drops cypress or cedarwood

💧top off with fractionated coconut oil

Apply to beard for conditioning and great smell!

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About 15 years ago, I began to listen to my intuition and to what my soul was calling me to do. I knew I was here to do great things, as we all are. 

It is my belief that we are all here to serve and make a difference in some capacity. Sometimes we get caught up in the thinking that it has to be something grand or famous, but the truth is even the simplest of lives can be the most impactful.  It isn’t about being seen, but rather meek in your actions to create a world that is more peaceful and more full of compassion and unity. 

When I began to get the nudges to look deep inside, I did so without an intention of a return. So often our culture teaches that you give to get. I was certain I was not going to fall into that. Instead, I listen to my gut and lived in a way that served my highest food with zero attachments to an outcome. 

Eventually, I was able to leave my day job (and a dysfunctional relationship) and now I do what I am called to do, and that is share yoga and wellness with people who are living with a disability. I specialize in brain injuries and seniors but I enjoy all types of people and my client base includes a spectrum of abilities and interests. 

My services include adaptive yoga, wellness coaching, essential oil education and level 1 healing touch.  Each day I head off to work I realize that this isn’t work, it is soul. 

Have you found your calling? If  you are still seeking, stop thinking so much and instead try a few of these ideas: 

  • Ask yourself this–“I am best when I am ________”. Be truthful. 
  • Journal about the things that bring you joy. They may be subtle like children laughing, making sure neighbors are taken care of, cooking, nature, laughter, etc. 
  • What are you passionate about and where do you speak up? Sometimes those “triggers” lead you toward something. 
  • Start to identify your everyday actions and interests that could lead you to a life of meaning. Cooking, sharing success with others, natural living, yoga, teaching others a skill, and more. 
  • Practice gratitude.  Just you being you is a worthy adventure. Celebrate who you are by identifying things about yourself you are grateful for. 
  • Stop comparing yourself. Your life journey is yours and yours alone. Remember that when we fall face down, that is often when we come up even stronger. Wipe off your dust and keep at it. 

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Hospice Yoga

I cannot explain the calling I woke up one early January morning with.  A strong and very vivid realization that there was something much more than I needed to be doing with my Yoga practice and teaching.  I knew immediately that I needed take action on the yearning.

I made the call.  I interviewed. I completed the mandatory training for all Hospice volunteers. The idea of offering a space of stillness, breathing practice and if applicable, providing some soft stretches and awareness of the body, is so deeply seeded in my heart that at times my own breath is taken at the awe of the experience.

If you are a practitioner of Yoga, you know that Yoga has the ability to bring you into the present moment and calm the body in times of crisis.  How many times have you come to the mat when you are crumbling by life’s events and feel far more clear when you roll up your mat? We know that the practice is powerful by our own experiences and to share that actuality is truly a gift.

I have often say that if you can breathe, you can practice.  Many of my other clients are wheelchair bound or severely disabled in some form, and yet because of the disability, they easily live in the present.  They are alive in the moment as they work each physical action with intent or the experience life without an ego.  By living in this state, their practice is gloriously beautiful.  Watching a woman with a Traumatic Brain Injury yesterday struggle fiercely with simply standing I was in awe of her practice.  When we shared the breath together, her legs stabilized enough for a small smile to come to her lips.  For the softness to happen.  For the space in the moment to see that she is. She is perfect and whole.

In my recent readings about death and dying and delving more into the philosophy of Hospice, I have learned that the process of dying needs to honored in the same way a birth is.  Certainly there is sadness and loss, but the process can and should be acknowledged with grace and love and hope for peace.  Bed-side yoga is breathing with them, acknowledging them and allowing their light to shine. It is also about listening and being completely present with them.  It is providing touch and a calm presence. It is being part of their path.

After all, the word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means “to join” or “to yoke”. What a magnificent way to practice.