Happy Monday! It’s Monday Mindfulness—before you get super busy, take a few minutes for yourself. 

I think one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves is to pause, and inquire within. For me, the words I need to hear are: I see you. I believe it is our most human need—to be seen. 

What words do you need to hear? 


Ditch the resolutions

I say resolutions are set ups.  A harsher description is that they are premeditated disappointments. Why would anyone walk into that mess?  Well, perhaps because the world is often about evaluating who we are (or are not) and attempting to redefine ourselves based on an outcome.

Be done with that.  D.O.N.E.

Instead, open up your heart to who you are today.  However, if you must follow suit, work to becoming a more polished version of you.  Your weight, your bank account, your home, or your car is not going to define who you are. Are you kind?  Are you authentic? Are you realistic?  Are you listening to the internal yearnings of your heart? Are you truthful? Do you love yourself?

I have found a great way to stay on the course of being the greatest version of myself is to follow a few simple life habits (not resolutions).  Check it out:

  1. Make time for silence every single day.  Turn off the TV, close the computer, lose the headphones, turn off the smart phone.  Be in the silence of yourself.  Explore the delicate caverns of your soul.  Listen to yourself speak.
  2. Journal. Record your thoughts a couple of times a week. Let the words flow effortlessly without a thought of right or wrong.  Doodle, draw or records words that reflect your mood and your internal self.
  3. Move. Walk, practice yoga, tai chi, or other rhythmic movement that links your breath to your body.  Find the connection mind and body, through the breath.
  4. Gratitude. Every single day find at least three experiences to be grateful for.  Look for the kindness in others, the bounty of color, seek out love.  Appreciate it all.
  5. Flow. Move effortlessly in your life.  Roll with the punches and flow around the obstacles.  Allow yourself to move with the continuance of your life.  Stay when you need to learn and then move on.