Toxin Free Living

Wellness Wednesday!

Have you ever thought about all the toxins you come into contact throughout a given day? And I don’t just mean physically. 😉

Over the last few years I have learned how to swap out natural things for the common and usually toxin filled things both in my household but also personal care. AND, I have created habits to get rid of emotional toxins, too.

Here is a sampling of what I have done:

🌼100% cleaning with oils and natural ingredients

🌼make my own body butter with shea & coconut oil

🌼a drop of lemon in my water everyday

🌼probiotics every day

🌼consume mostly organic foods

🌼twice yearly cleanse (more to come on that soon)

🌼wash my produce with lemon EO

🌼digestive enzymes

🌼diffusers in almost every room for clean air

🌼time in nature to re-fuel and connect

🌼wish angry drivers peace while driving

🌼limit screen time (what a toxic overload!)

🌼minimal TV, and never crime or drama

🌼practice discernment and have boundaries

🌼only headlines of news to stay informed

🌼give others the benefit of the doubt

🌼love as much as I can

Do you have toxins in your life? What can you do to eliminate them?



Did you know that dōTERRA Cedarwood is a great oil for promoting relaxation? With properties that help to soothe the mind and body, the warm, woody scent of Cedarwood essential oil can create a relaxing environment when used topically or aromatically.

After a long day, diffuse to create a calming environment or apply one to two drops to the bottom of your child’s feet to help soothe and calm them when they wake up frightened. Not only is it used to help you have feelings of calmness, it also helps keep your skin looking healthy. During your facial routine, add one to two drops to your facial toner or moisturizer to promote clear, healthy looking skin.

Learn more about dōTERRA Cedarwood by checking out its uses and benefits below.

Love Language

This has been an incredible month of oils/yoga/love in my world in so many ways. Sometimes I am humbled at the life I get to live and the amazing things I get to witness.


Some may think oils are just hippie stuff or the latest fad, and that’s okay. I know the power of them physically and emotionally. And then when you add in pure love, there is magic. For me, my passion for essential oils is about making a difference in other people’s lives and spreading love.


A dear friend’s daughter has been fighting for her life the last three weeks and I have been so honored to be invited into this intimate scene to rub oils on her feet and hands while she has been in the ICU. This sacred time is so incredibly special to me and I feel so blessed that the family trusts me and my energy with their beautiful girl.


Also this month, the joy and happiness that my beautiful senior citizens felt when I handed them their own little blend makes all the hard work so worth it. For some who have so little, a 5ml bottle of goodness can be so much.


I believe that we each have a beautiful gift (and responsibility) to share light in the world. My way happens to be through yoga and oils…what is your way?


Speaking Truth

This week in my yoga classes I am sharing Japa meditation and the power of mantra and affirmations. It has been an incredible joy to watch my seniors and adults with brain injuries accept another tool for their toolbox.

In addition to the mantra, we are exploring essential oils and how they have such amazing potential with our emotions and as a result, our self-esteem. Especially when it comes to speaking, and even more speaking our truth.

Combining the power of affirmative mantra with truth provoking oils AND one of my favorite throat chakra gemstones—sodalite, we have been speaking truth like crazy!

Have I mentioned how much I love my work? And I am so grateful everyday that I listened to my truth.

My favorite blend for the throat chakra and speaking truth includes:

💧spearmint for expressing self

💧wintergreen for letting go of the attachment of the opinions of others

💧lavender for easy communication

💧cypress for fluidity if spirit

💧cardamom for mental clarity

💧arborvitae for grace and flow

💧helichrysum for transformation of self and authenticity

Are you unsure about taking oils internally? I was, too in the beginning.

When you start using essential oils, it’s so important to educate yourself and ask questions! There are lots of great resources out there and I can recommend some of my favorite books and other resources if you need some help.

Here is my best tip for internal use—read the labels!

Even though some store bought oils 😣 say 100% pure, they also say on the bottle “not for internal use”.

When you first start using oils internally ALWAYS check the bottle for the supplements fact label. If it does not have it, then it is not safe for internally use. Easy peasy. In time you will know which ones are and aren’t, but I still double check if it’s one I am not familiar with.

Oh, and DōTERRA oils are different—they actually ARE pure. (You can look at the testing of each bottle by entering in the code on the bottom of your bottle to

If you don’t have a wholesale account, it’s super easy to get! You get wholesale pricing for one year! You get either pay the $35 for the account (like Costco) and choose your oils, or if you grab a starter kit that comes with your membership!

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Starter kits—

Cooking with Essential Oils

Tuesday Tip!

Cooking with oils is super fun and you get the powerful benefits of the oil!

Did you know that 1 drop 💧of essential oil is equal to 2-3 teaspoons of the dried stuff? (And if you’re like me, some of those spices/herbs in my kitchen cabinet are sooooo old). A little goes a LONG way when it comes to adding oils to your foods.

Some of my favorite ways to cook with oils:

🌱lavender lemonade

🌱peppermint brownies

🌱orange fondue

🌱guacamole with lime

🌱pasta sauce—oregano, thyme, marjoram

🌱cilantro and lime rice

🌱caprese salad with basil

🌱cinnamon coffee

Have you tried cooking with oils??


Do you know this pretty little flower??

It’s jasmine! And it’s FREE today!

Known for its warm and floral fragrance, Jasmine also provides a myriad of benefits both aromatically and topically. Here are some of our favorite uses:

💧Apply on your wrists and neck as a personal fragrance. Jasmine’s aroma is intensely floral, warm, musky, and exotic—the perfect scent for a fun perfume. (Not to mention its scent is also uplifting!)

💧Jasmine is known to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promote healthy-looking, radiant skin. Because of its convenient application in a roll-on bottle and its combination with Fractionated Coconut Oil, you can apply Jasmine Touch directly on skin imperfections in the morning and night. Not only will it help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections but it will also leave your skin with a beautiful glowing complexion.

💧Because Jasmine has such an uplifting scent, using Jasmine Touch on our pulse points is the perfect way to uplift mood. Emotionally, Jasmine promotes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence. Applying Jasmine in the morning will help provide a positive outlook on the day and leave you feeling uplifted and confident.

Fun Facts

💧Jasmine is one of the most precious essential oils because extracting it is extremely labor-intensive. The extraction process must be done at daybreak when the flowers are most fragrant and have the highest percentage of aromatic components intact.

💧Due to the large amount of flowers needed to produce a small amount of oil, Jasmine is highly sought after in both the perfume industry and in aromatherapy.

Ready to get this in your hands??

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