Holistic Living

I love this time of year for so many reasons. When I first “woke up” it was in the spring. It was this time of year that I began walking daily and I literally started the process of shedding around 80 pounds of physical weight and as much—or more—in emotional weight. I planted seeds for a life I knew I deserved and I took tender care of the new growth.

Spring is a great time to look at making changes and start growing in new ways. With mindfulness, you can accomplish ANYTHING! I would love to help guide you—I offer personal 1:1 sessions either locally or via Skype or Zoom.

Mindfulness. Meditation. Yoga. Essential Oils. Nutrition. Holistic Living.

You’re worth it.


Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday!

My truth—I used to punish myself with exercise. I believe that I caused harm to my body physically (and emotionally) with excessive exercise.

Now, I enjoy a nice walk in nature, a gentle yoga class and pilates. Kickboxing, racing myself up the incline and 100 mike bike rides are a thing of the past.

Celebrate your body today!

Beautiful Self

I was just sharing the other day that I wish I could sit down with my 30 year old self and have coffee.

I would have so much to tell her.

I would be sure to let her know that first and foremost she is so worthy, regardless of what size she is or how fast she can run. I would tell her to honor her precious body and learn to love and nurture it. I would ask her why she was hiding behind being busy all the time and help her to see that it’s okay to take off that armor. I would tell her that it’s okay to relax and enjoy life. I would let her know that while being serious serves her well, laugh a little more and see the silliness in life.

I would tell her that she has done, and will do, amazingly hard things in life but to trust in the path and to believe in herself…..what would you tell your youngest self?

Inspire Me

My life and the amazing role I have sharing yoga inspires me everyday.

I want to pass along the inspiration by offering one lucky follower this awesome custom blend called Inspire Me.

Want it? Inspire me by telling me what your grateful for and I will do a random drawing end of day tomorrow!

🌿frankincense—supports wisdom, openness, and is an overall amazing oil for health

🌿lime—encourages a zest for life, gratitude and is excellent for focus and brain support

🌿wild orange—encourages abundance, joy, creativity and helps manage feelings of stress

🌿black pepper—encourages honesty, courage, integrity and supports anxious feelings


Do you have a manifesto? I took an online course three years ago with Berne Brown and one of the last assignments was to write a personal manifesto. This is the condensed version of my basic truth. ✨

I come back to this time and time again, especially if I feel myself being pulled into the mindset of “more” or finding myself veering a bit off my path. It all comes down to faith and doing what my soul is here to do. Remembering that I am a vehicle for goodness, to be of service and to think/speak/act in ways that better humanity and myself.

A New Earth Revisted

This book. Weathered, tabbed, highlighted and so worn. I’m returning to it (again).

Spring time 2004 was when I began to shed old patterns and beliefs and emerge into a life of awakening and presence. This book came along a few years later and was paramount in my path. It is always a treasure to re-read and ponder the handwritten notes to see where I’ve been and what resonates in my current life.

I remember exactly where I was on the trail and the sound my feet made as they crunched along the path. With each step, I was walking away from old beliefs and going towards such a vast, open and welcoming new life. I felt free and light as I was no longer weighed down and heavy, both physically and emotionally.

In time, the inner light that was always there began to shine beyond the sadness and the ponderous load I had felt I had to carry for decades.

With light came freedom and a life of deep purpose. Aligned with my soul and now open to allow all that IS into my daily life. In return, I circulate that goodness.

What an incredible wake up.


The definition of yoga is essentially ‘union’. At the foundation it is to be in union with yourself, and then others through kindness and compassion.

I know that for many yoga is a form of gymnastic-like contortions with their very flexible body. It is also another place to compete and to improve. I get it.

My practice used to consist of every inversion I could achieve and I strived for “perfection” in my pose. I sought out yoga to get more flexible physically and to perfect something that at that time I felt needed perfecting. What I did not realize was that I could achieve all of that physical/external stuff in the gym or in a fitness class.

Over time though I realized that while I can stretch, build strength, achieve amazing results and impress myself I was no where near union with my Self. I was destroying my body. I was seeking the wow factor impressing others ego based external affirmations. But mostly I was lost.

And then I found the true essence of yoga.



And this had nothing to do with how deep my back could bend.

This gentleman has been practicing yoga with me for two years. He could care less about a handstand because his yoga is union. It is allowing me to move his mostly paralyzed body. To look into his beautiful green eyes and wonder what he would like to say if his mouth would just speak the words.

True union.

Despite his limitation from a traumatic brain injury, this man shows up. He is present.

After our session, he insists on “walking” me to the door to lift his hand for a handshake.

That is yoga at its core.