May Goodness

From my monthly newsletter–
Happy May!

It is hard to believe just how fast this year has already flew by and here we are embarking on a new season.  Spring is in full season and yet Mother Nature keeps us guessing between that taste of warmth and the reminder that we do live in Colorado.

I recently read a passage in a book about how we interpret, and perhaps, even how we have been trained or conditioned to view something that really is neutral.  She uses the example of rain (or in Colorado’s case, snow) and how we might habitually complain about the gloom and doom of rain, when instead we could feel happiness that the flowers are being watered and rejoice in the sound and fresh fragrance. Rain is neutral, it is how we choose to view it. Another example is how we have been accustomed to dreading Mondays, when really it is a neutral and naturally occurring event.  Rather than say, “ugh, its Monday”, try shifting your thinking to seeing a Monday as a whole new experience that you get to create a week of productivity, learning, joy, and love.

I love when I am called back to the simplicity of choice. I encourage you to look at your thoughts and when a neutral event occurs (rain, Mondays, traffic), shift your immediate thought that is usually negative into an opportunity to create a beautiful experience.

A year ago this month, I had my first of THREE hip surgeries as many of you have witnessed and supported me in love and much more.  I can say that this year has been an extraordinary time of digging deep and watching as my body has worked hard to heal. In the physical struggle, I have been humbled by the layers of emotional and spiritual growth that I feel I have revealed. I believe that while I still work very hard and love what I do, I have shifted from a pace of franticness to a solid and consistent stride through life.  Through this, my practice really has become one that is more deeply rooted in faith and gratitude.

This month I am offering weekly classes in my home studio as well opportunities to learn about essential oils.  I am passionate about how we can learn to go back to nature for our health, our cleaning products and a general sense of natural living. I would love to share with you what I have come to learn.

And finally, remember to honor the Mom’s in your world. It is so important to honor those who are lucky enough to have the hardest job in the world.

Be sure to check out the video below! Just click on the image of the body butter and voilá, you will get 5 minutes of happiness!

In health and gratitude,

This month’s doTERRA specials:
What a FANTASTIC special.  This cleaner is so amazing and truly lasts SO long.  There are so many uses for this product. My favorite is to make up a spray bottle and spray my surfaces.  I can be assured that I am getting a safe and non toxic clean counter.  Plus, it smells amazing!

If you have a wholesale membership and are part of the Loyalty Rewards Program, the free Product of the Month is Rosemary.  This is one I use daily! Rosemary is great for supporting digestion and respiratory function and can also help reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue. I love to diffuse this one!   I also put a couple drops in my shampoo for healthy shiny hair and in my DIY heat protectant hair spray.  I can help you set up LRP if you would like!  It is a great program where you earn points in products!

And finally, such an amazing offer to stock up on some great free products that can help support your immune system and keep your family healthy! I love to be able to get FREE products! Check out this awesome deal.

If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils, please message me and I would love to meet with you! Or if you are ready to go, just click HERE and and choose a starter kit. When you get started with me you will have access to online education, exclusive team perks and an awesome welcome gift to get you started with your own wholesale membership.

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How fantastic is that?


Click here to watch a video tutorial of how easy it is to make your own natural body butter!

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 3.00.57 PM.png

May I always be of guided to live a life of service that benefits humanity and the quality of my own spiritual journey. 


Giver of Goodness

Curious about the face behind this blog?
 I teach adaptive yoga to adults with disabilities, specifically traumatic brain injuries, in my community.  It is the most rewarding soul loving experience I could have ever dreamed of.
I love nature and refuel by walking twice a day! Rain, snow or shine I get out there! Being in the trees brings such a sense of groundedness to me and it is a must for me.
I am an introvert! Crazy to think that an introvert can spend so much time talking and being in front of people, but it is possible! I love teaching but also treasure alone time.
 I am a mom to 3 adults kids–my daughter is disabled and lives with me and my men are out in the world living their lives.
I am a native to Colorado and recently bought my childhood home! It is amazing! Talk about roots!
I am passionate about service.  One of my greatest pleasures is being a volunteer where I spend time applying essential oils to people in hospice.
I have had THREE hip surgeries in the last year.  That experience has given me humility, grace and such a deep appreciation for the little things in life.
 I have 3 dogs and a cat. I have always been a dog person but this little kitty has grown on me!
Besides sharing Yoga, I am also a wellness coach and level 1 healing touch practitioner.  My own journey is that I used to weigh 100 pounds more than I do today and the foundation of my changes came from a deep practice of mindfulness ! I have truly walked the path to health!
 Above all, I believe in the power of gratitude and goodness. When we can appreciate ourselves, others and our experiences we begin to see that life truly is a gift.  I also believe whole-heartedly that we are all interwoven and that humanity is begging us to live in kindness and to see our fellow man as the light that is within each of us. That is spreading goodness.



Join My Tribe

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I am looking for women to partner with me to make a positive change in our communities. I need women who have positive & magnetic energy to join me in my tribe of great people. I need women who are self-driven and love to improve themselves daily.

I know that most of you have these qualities and are passionate about helping others, sharing wellness, inspiration AND essential oils.

My team and doTERRA are creating a strong momentum of change in the healthcare industry and are linking arms to reach our fullest potential.

We have an amazing team that provides consistent support, trainings and resources.

Join me!

Small, Yet Remarkable

Practicing Gratitude is not just recognizing the ‘big’ things in life, such as a great job, a home, or fulfilling relationships.  Instead, I find that looking for small, yet remarkably large points of gratitude humbles me into a deeper practice of appreciation.

I was thinking about the women around this world who are as physically tired as I am.  Aching joints and sore muscles with long days of hard work that tire their bodies as much as my body tires. As I soaked in the sweet-smelling bubbles I realized that not only do I have a giant soaking tub, I have hot water to fill it.  What a simple, yet profound luxury that I have at my fingertips each day.  How many women across this planet have never slipped into a hot bath?  How many women whose aches and pains are never relieved by hot water much less epsom salts and lavender bubbles.

This morning I was not unconsciously washing my body and warming my muscles.  I was taking in the glory of just how fortunate I am not just for the home that my tub is in, but for the availability of hot water.  I imagined women all over the world who work tirelessly and have no relief.  I marveled at just how abundant my life is.

What can you be grateful for today?