Chemical Swap

Have you swapped out some of your chemicals for oils? It’s pretty easy and intuitive to do once you start!

Here is my list of swaps:

🌱 shower door cleaner — eucalyptus and melaleuca

🌱 toilet and sink scrub — baking soda, on guard cleaning concentrate, , vinegar, lemon EO

🌱 floor cleaner — vinegar, peppermint and lemon EO

🌱 wood polish — olive oil, water, arborvitae and wild orange EO, or lemon EO

🌱 glass cleaner — vinegar and lemon EO

🌱 goof off — lemon EO

🌱 facial toner — witch hazel, water, melaleuca, lavender, geranium

🌱 anti-aging serum — rose wood oil, frankincense, geranium, myrrh, rose, jasmine and neroli EO

🌱 dry shampoo — arrow root powder, dried cinnamon (bc I am a redhead), rosemary and melaleuca EO

🌱 between washing hair spritzer — water, rosemary, geranium, melaleuca, lavender and clary sage EO

🌱 bath bombs — baking soda, citric acid, Epsom and EO

🌱 pepto — peppermint and ginger EO

🌱 allergies — lemon, lavender and peppermint (combined a natural antihistamine combo)

🌱 body butter/lotion — shea butter, coconut oil, EO

🌱 carpet freshener — baking soda and lemon EO

🌱 ant and insect killer — peppermint

🌱 make up remover — lavender and witch hazel

And my list goes on and on and on. A fraction of the cost, and no chemicals in, on or around my body.

Want some help? Let’s meet up and I will help you get started swapping out chemical for oils. 😊


Are you unsure about taking oils internally? I was, too in the beginning.

When you start using essential oils, it’s so important to educate yourself and ask questions! There are lots of great resources out there and I can recommend some of my favorite books and other resources if you need some help.

Here is my best tip for internal use—read the labels!

Even though some store bought oils 😣 say 100% pure, they also say on the bottle “not for internal use”.

When you first start using oils internally ALWAYS check the bottle for the supplements fact label. If it does not have it, then it is not safe for internally use. Easy peasy. In time you will know which ones are and aren’t, but I still double check if it’s one I am not familiar with.

Oh, and DōTERRA oils are different—they actually ARE pure. (You can look at the testing of each bottle by entering in the code on the bottom of your bottle to

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Starter kits—

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Wellness Wednesday

Yesterday I flew from Florida back home to Colorado and the flights were delayed and it made for a super long day. Prior to leaving Florida yesterday at noon I walked a couple of miles on the beach, did yoga on the beach, rode a bike and packed my bags. Those things all take up tons of energy!

I hit the work day today at 8am and go all day long….thank goodness for this awesome energy complex! It is my go-to for energy on the cellular level. Check it out.

Trillions of cells make up each human body. It is remarkable to reflect on the synergy that occurs between those cells. The “energy” for life comes from within the mitochondria of each of these cells. As we age, our body’s mitochondrial function becomes less efficient.

This leaves us with lower levels of energy and more toxic cellular exhaust. The sports and activities we enjoyed in our youth can become less enjoyable. Some people try to boost their energy levels through caffeine and other stimulants that can provide a quick buzz but often leave us feeling worse.

Mito2Max contains doTERRA’s proprietary energy and stamina complex that enhances mitochondria function, supports stamina and endurance, helps the body adapt more quickly to the diverse activities of life, and helps increase mental energy.* Acetyl-L-carnitine, a primary ingredient, supports mental health, mitochondrial function, and circulation to the brain.* Oligonol®† is a unique and powerful antioxidant blend that combines biologically active polyphenols from lychee fruit and green tea in a form that allows them to be quickly absorbed and is effective at protecting cells against free radicals and oxidation.* Oligonol also helps support improved circulation and energy, both of which are important to overall healthy aging.*

Ashwagandha root extract, which has been called the “herb of the ages” due to the many uses it provides, has been studied for generations and has been utilized for boosting energy levels and supporting immunity and libido, while also having positive effects on mood, sleep, and stress.*

Primary Benefits

🌱Promotes efficient production of ATP in the mitochondria of cells*

🌱Enhances stamina and efficient use of oxygen*

🌱Supports metabolic adaptation for diverse activities, from movie watching to marathon running*

🌱Improves mental energy*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Fennel is not one I use a lot but I think this sounds amazing.

Fennel is 10% off this month! It’s great for belly aches emotionally helps promote positive aspects like beingResponsible, in tune with body, satiated, and maturity.

To order:

1) Go to

2) Click Join & Save

3) Fill in your personal information (If needed, my enroller/sponsor id is 1200119)

4) Choose a Starter Kit or select the Wholesale Membership Fee option

5) Add oils and products

6) Complete payment & process

7) Message me and I will get your welcome gift in the mail

Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday!

A few years ago I came to realize that beating myself up over foods I truly enjoy needed to change. I now believe that moderation is key to everything in life. Denying myself the things that I love was only wearing down my happiness factor. Besides, eating one cookie on occasion isn’t going to hurt me!

Eat. The. Cookie. You will be glad you did. 🍪😀

A New Earth Revisted

This book. Weathered, tabbed, highlighted and so worn. I’m returning to it (again).

Spring time 2004 was when I began to shed old patterns and beliefs and emerge into a life of awakening and presence. This book came along a few years later and was paramount in my path. It is always a treasure to re-read and ponder the handwritten notes to see where I’ve been and what resonates in my current life.

I remember exactly where I was on the trail and the sound my feet made as they crunched along the path. With each step, I was walking away from old beliefs and going towards such a vast, open and welcoming new life. I felt free and light as I was no longer weighed down and heavy, both physically and emotionally.

In time, the inner light that was always there began to shine beyond the sadness and the ponderous load I had felt I had to carry for decades.

With light came freedom and a life of deep purpose. Aligned with my soul and now open to allow all that IS into my daily life. In return, I circulate that goodness.

What an incredible wake up.